The 5th season of the Syndicate Competitive League is being held on the weekend of November 9-10. A Live Stream is also available.

For the later matches, you can hover over the team names to see the path they took to get to that match.

November 9

18:00 2 TEST vs Ronin
Video Ronin bring Paladin-based team vs Tests’ Rattlergeddon setup.
18:20 3 No Boundaries vs Noir. Academy

No Boundaries bring triple-eos against Noir’s vindibhaals.
19:20 6 Executive Otters vs Something Else

EXE’s classic minmatar rush is too strong for an armour brawl setup.
18:40 7 Dunktown Abbey vs Such Warlords So Deep
No show from Warlords.
19:20 9 TRI the Verge vs Ronin

Two Minmatar rush setups, but Tri the Verge prove too strong in a close fight.
19:40 10 Deepwater vs No Boundaries

No Boundaries’ vargar setup is too strong for Deepwater’s odd Sleipnir/Ishtar/Flycatcher
20:40 11 Team Footwork vs Something Else

Super brawl at zero ends in Kronos vs Eos, Enyo, and 2 Vexors. Obviously, Kronos victor.
20:20 12 Reputation Cartel vs Dunktown Abbey

With all support dead, Reputation Cartel’s Paladin can’t apply damage to the surviving members of Dunktown’s Stratios team.
21:00 22 Ronin vs Executive Otters

Ronin’s triple-eos sentry team hard counters Exe’s kiting missileboats.
21:20 23 Deepwater vs Such Warlords So Deep
21:40 21 Reputation Cartel vs Noir. Academy

An understaffed Noir. team can’t stand against Rep Cartel’s Vargur setup.
22:00 20 Something Else vs TEST

Something Else’s Golem setup chews through Test’s navy megas.

November 10

18:00 13 Tri the Verge vs No Boundaries
Video Tri’s Sleipnirs/Moas are too strong for Rote’s Palageddons.
18:20 14 Team Footwork vs Dunktown Abbey
Video Golem-Vultures too strong for Domis.
18:40 24 Something Else vs Reputation Cartel
Video Resists and logis beat out Dominixes in two very different Paladin compositions.
19:00 25 The Ronin vs Deepwater
Video Paladin-Eos-Guardian beats RattlerGolem.
WBF 15 Tri the Verge – 1 vs Team Footwork – 2
19:20 15.1 Mistakes were made, and then a Tri Paladin interacted with the Edge of Glory.
20:00 15.2 Tri’s triple astartes are too strong for Footwork spacewangs.
20:40 15.3 Footwork’s Golem-Vultures are too strong for triple eos.
19:40 26 Something Else vs No Boundaries

20:20 27 The Ronin vs Dunktown Abbey
21:00 28 No Boundaries vs Dunktown Abbey
LBF 29 Dunktown Abbey – 1 vs Tri the Verge – 2
21:20 29.1 Tri the Verge’s Sleipnirs eke out a win on points against Golem-Vultures.
21:40 29.2 Dunktown pops out a novel Narbinger/Sentinel setup to handily hard counter Tri’s triple-Astarte setup.
22:00 29.3
GF 30 Team Footwork – 1 vs Tri the Verge – 3
22:20 30.1
22:40 30.2
23:00 30.3
23:20 30.4
23:40 30.5

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