A Quiet Night in Providence

It had been a relatively quiet night. We had a nullsec connection into the south-east of Providence and were poking around to try and get some action, but it seemed like all of their FCs were offline – everything was docking as soon as we got close. We’d gotten a few small kills here and there, but overall it had been fairly slim pickings, and we were considering switching another nullsec in our chain.

That all changed when our interceptor pilot reported a Dominix warping to a gate that our little fleet happened to be sitting on the other side of. Naturally, we went for tackle when he jumped through. Oddly enough, he aggressed on us. Suspicious of a trap – we were expecting a local fleet to form up and challenge us at any moment – we kept range. This made our damage output rather weak – with only my tornado really capable of any damage projection. He continued aggressing though, and no backup was forthcoming. Eventually we moved in for the kill, and he died alone.

After clearing his weapons timer Devian jumped through and found a Vexor sitting a little way off the gate. As we cleared aggression, a Manticore uncloaked and Devian went for tackle on the Vexor. We jumped through as soon as he had point, knocked off the Manticore – who at no point even attempted to evade death, and then the Vexor. We also got their pods – pod saver tabs are just for suckers. Battle report.

We were ready to head back home – our cargos already full of loot and I was getting low on ammo having fired most of mine at the Dominix. Devian, however, decided to just check one nearby system. Being Devian, he promptly found and tackled a Vargur in an anomaly. The vargur had brought along a scimitar for reps – naturally it died first. With his logistics dead, we quickly exhausted his ASB and killed him, though our own logistics pilot was forced off the field under fire from both the Vargur and the rats. A cheap fit, but marauders make good prey however they’re fit. As a bonus, even though it was only T1 ammo, I could even replenish my stocks.

I don’t know how the Providence intel channels weren’t screaming bloody murder about us by this point, but less than ten minutes later we caught a siterunning Harbinger. And as we turn for home, we run into the Vargur and Scimitar pilots, who’ve apparently decided it would be a good idea to try their luck in an arty thrasher and nemesis. Thrashers are pretty effective against frigates, yes, but get butchered by tornadoes. And nemeses don’t work well against frigates. So they died again.

Providence killboard

Using w-space to access nullsec is a lot of fun. You can drop out deep into the vulnerable underbelly of sovereign space, and prey on the ratters. Although it generally takes a great deal of silliness on the part of a ratter to get caught – between intel channels, local, and the time it takes to run an anomaly scanner, locate their site, and warp to it – there’s ample opportunity for even the least agile ship to get out. And yet… we keep catching them. There’s a lot of silly people around. Even better, if you’re lucky, they’ll put up a defense fleet to push you out, and you can get a good fight from that.